Managing Broker/Vice President of Real Estate and Marketing
Optima Real Estate, Inc.

Real estate encompasses many different subjects and industries, and in his many years as a real estate professional, Eric Richards has managed to accrue significant expertise in just about every area.

“With Optima’s award-winning architecture and my experience in all different aspects of the real estate market, I am able to position Optima’s properties in any real estate market,” Richards says.

And Optima’s current project, the Optima Chicago Center (pictured behind Richards), utilizes all of his various talents. A 42-story, 325-unit rental building in Streeterville that will begin pre-leasing in July, Richards will be managing all the leasing, marketing and advertising for the development, along with additional Optima communities in Illinois and Arizona. Also, Optima has purchased the adjacent land to the Chicago Center and is planning a 60-story tower with 400 rental units, 220 hotel rooms and more than 60,000 square feet of commercial space.

“That kind of growth is what I am excited to be a part of,” Richards says. “My passion lies in new construction, mixed-use developments and finding their market place in the ever-changing real estate market.”

Because he enjoys the work to such an extent, Richards says that it positively effects both Optima’s employees and clients. “I truly enjoy helping our clients find their next dream home and making it possible!”

Combine all of these traits with his great big smile and contagious laugh, and we see why Richards feels there is little doubt that he’s found the right industry for his talents. “I love real estate. I love what I do!”

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